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Our Clients.

Viryl Technologies is proud to deliver cutting edge technology to a variety of great sounding companies.

Featured Media

Viryl’s high-tech WarmTone vinyl press is helping pressing manufacturers across the globe.

About us.

Through taking a results oriented approach at solving one of the greatest “bottleneck” problems any industry has seen, our team has successfully presented our unique suite of products to the marketplace. In December 2014, our passion for music, vinyl records, and machinery brought us together with one goal in mind – to create the world’s first fully-automatic, modernized record press.

Aware of the difficulties that pressing plants have struggled with, Chad Brown, Rob Brown, and James Hashmi rounded up the brightest, most well-equipped minds to find a solution. Based in Toronto, and partnered with worldwide industrial equipment supplier AXYZ International, Viryl Technologies has the support, global scale, industry knowledge, and technical ability to bring a modern solution to the vinyl industry.

In the Press.

Media outlets are beginning to take notice of Viryl’s innovative WarmTone Press. Check out these media stories to see how Viryl is transforming the record industry.

Meet the WarmTone™.

Our modernized, fully-automatic WarmTone™ record press is designed to encourage uptime and promote operational effectiveness.

Modern design. Classic sound.

Viryl Technologies is committed to supporting our machines with a customer experience not seen in the industry. Our data-driven model will be monitoring and improving machine performance, and will help grow your business now and into the future.

The WarmTone™ is a modern machine, designed to manufacture vinyl records. Modern technology and precise engineering has allowed us to target industry “pain points” and create a product that will help pressing plants maximize uptime and keep up with demand.

Mold Technology.

Introducing the most efficient record mold in the world.
Meticulously engineered for accurate, quality pressing.

Interactive Media.

Click and drag to view the WarmTone press in 360 degrees.


    Contact us

    For general questions about Viryl,  our equipment, or to book a viewing at our facility, please use the contact form below.

    Our Office
    • 16 Goodrich Road, Unit D
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M8Z 4Z8
    • Phone: 1-844-GO-VIRYL (468-4795)