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Meet the WarmTone™.

Our modernized, fully-automatic WarmTone™ record press is designed to encourage uptime and promote operational effectiveness.

Modern design. Classic sound.

Viryl Technologies is committed to supporting our machines with a customer experience not seen in the industry. Our data-driven model will be monitoring and improving machine performance, and will help grow your business now and into the future.

The WarmTone™ is a modern machine, designed to manufacture vinyl records. Modern technology and precise engineering has allowed us to target industry “pain points” and create a product that will help pressing plants maximize uptime and keep up with demand.

Monitor data with

Our A.D.A.P.T. (Advanced Device Analytics Pressing Technology) Platform is like nothing ever imagined in the record pressing industry. This cutting edge technology equips machines with the capability to pull data from every key part of the pressing process.

  • Innovative Technology

    Breakthrough A.D.A.P.T technology allows operators to manage and monitor all aspects of the pressing process.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Collected WarmTone machine data is instantly sent back to your smart device using our customized interface.

  • Get Maintenance Alerts

    Easily keep track of the press and allow operators to be made aware of important maintenance needs.

  • Ease of Mind

    With the A.D.A.P.T platform, operators can rest assure that their press is always running at peak performance.

Auto quick replace
label cartridges.

Removable and oven-safe label cartridges allow you to ready labels for future jobs and attach or remove them in a heartbeat. A-side cartridge and B-side cartridges are keyed to only fit on the A-side and B-side of the machine to eliminate improperly labeled records.


Our proprietary feedscrew is designed to interact perfectly with record grade PVC and results in the most reliable pre-mold “puck” every time. The variable speed drive on our machine offers the operator complete control of “puck” size to suit standard record sizes and weights.

hydraulic press.

The clamping mechanism allows stampers to be switched in and out lightning quick with a single twist. Dynamic thermal monitoring offers your plant optimized control over record quality. Also, by minimizing flash, you are left with less waste and a greener tomorrow.

High performance

Integrated modern technology allows us to innovate a secondary cooling process and maximize overall throughput. The removable large stack spindles encourage a productive workflow.

High quality
plating molds.

Viryl Technologies has the capability to manufacture record molds and provide full plating solutions for existing and new pressing plants. We manufacture our high quality molds on-site in Toronto and assure they are a perfect fit for your plant.

Our team.

A combination of experienced record pressing minds, high level mechanical and mechatronic engineers, and customer service approach individuals define the Viryl Technologies outfit.


Chad Brown
Chief Executive Officer


Dylan Laister
Mechanical Technologist


Joe Li
Production Manager


James Hashmi
Chief Technology Officer


Lisa Black
Office Manager


Alex DesRoches
Marketing and Media Manager


Rob Brown
Chief Operating Officer


Michael Wybenga
Director of Hardware Engineering


Dietrich Schoenemann
Client Manager

About us.

Through taking a results oriented approach at solving one of the greatest “bottleneck” problems any industry has seen, our team has successfully presented our unique suite of products to the marketplace. In December 2014, our passion for music, vinyl records, and machinery brought us together with one goal in mind – to create the world’s first fully-automatic, modernized record press.

Aware of the difficulties that pressing plants have struggled with, Chad Brown, Rob Brown, and James Hashmi rounded up the brightest, most well-equipped minds to find a solution. Based in Toronto, and partnered with worldwide industrial equipment supplier AXYZ International, Viryl Technologies has the support, global scale, industry knowledge, and technical ability to bring a modern solution to the vinyl industry.

Contact us

For general questions about Viryl,  our equipment, or to book a viewing at our facility, please use the contact form below.

Our Office
  • 16 Goodrich Road, Unit D
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M8Z 4Z8
  • Phone: 1-844-GO-VIRYL (468-4795)