THe Warmtone™

What is the cost of the WarmTone™ record press?

Pricing is $195,000 per machine. All figures are priced in US dollars.


What is the cycle time of the WarmTone™ record press?

The WarmTone™ features the fastest cycle time in the industry. Our system targets a 20 second cycle time when pressing 140g records.


Can I come see a functional WarmTone™ record press?

Of course! We have built a fully functional pressing plant in Toronto, Canada to display our product to prospective buyers. Book a viewing by contacting at any time.


Does the WarmTone™ record press work with the type of PVC I currently use?

The WarmTone™ record press has been extensively tested with every PVC compound available worldwide. Our custom extruder screw is designed to react perfectly with all types of PVC.


Will the WarmTone™ record press work with my current moulds?

Yes it will. We also manufacture moulds for our customers if necessary.



What is A.D.A.P.T®?

Our A.D.A.P.T® Platform is the most cutting edge innovation record pressing has ever seen. It offers pressing plants the service of data collection. It allows for tracking and monitoring of every key aspect of the pressing process. It seperates the WarmTone™ record press from every other option available in the marketplace.



Do you offer consulting and what does it afford my business?

Our consulting is one of the most valuable services we offer. We are record pressing experts who have been behind the construction and operation of multiple record pressing plants. When you purchase a WarmTone™ record press and consulting package you are afforded the peace of mind that your plant will be set up properly and running at peak performance. We can help newcomers build a plant from the ground up, or help improve operational effectiveness for existing plant owners.



Why use steam?

Steam is the most efficient heating medium available today for reaching the appropriate temperature required to press vinyl records.


How many operators do I need?

One operator can run up to 4 WarmTone™ record presses. Unattended operation is one of the best features the WarmTone™ record press offers pressing plants. It saves pressing plants approx. $30,000/year per press (subject to employee wages).


How much floor space do I need?

We recommend 1000 square feet per press. This is simply because of the product that comes off of the WarmTone™ record press. Vinyl records aren’t tiny!


How do I order molds, spindles, cooling plates, center bushings, etc?

Customers can order any consumables and parts via the email address


Do I need a boiler?

Yes, the infrastrucutre to run a WarmTone™ record press revolves mainly around a boiler and closed loop chiller system. We offer expert advice to our customers on sourcing these products locally for your plant.


Do you offer on-site training?

Yes, training and installation are done on-site by our expert service technicians. The same goes for maintenance.


Can I still do colored, custom, picture-disc records on a fully-automatic record press?”

The WarmTone™ is capable of manufacturing any type of vinyl record with ease. Our semi-automatic mode ensures that pressing plants can offer clients a full-suite of products.


Warranty & Orders

Do I get a warranty?

The WarmTone™ record press comes with a full one year warranty on parts on services.


How do I secure my order?

We require a 50% deposit when purchase is finalized. A full payment schedule is then provided up to installation of your machine(s).