The Record Store…How We Love Thee!

The Record Store…How We Love Thee!

There’s a certain solace one experiences when flipping through stacks of vinyl on a Saturday afternoon. Wouldn’t you agree? The resurgence of vinyl records in modern culture has re-established the local record store as the go-to spot for music lovers. Our obsession with it leads us on countless adventures searching for that classic analog sound. Although the emergence of online shopping has made it easier to find what you are looking for, the record store rents a special place in every vinyl enthusiast’s heart. If you get a chance to visit these shops, don’t pass them by.

Berlin, Germany

It is without doubt that Berlin encompasses a culture that respects and revolves around the vinyl record. As one of the mecca’s of electronic music it feels as if the vinyl record never left. Countless shops are nestled in trendy communities covered with graffiti and a certain kind of grit that only Berlin can understand. Two stores stand above the rest in this amazing city.

Hard Wax Record Store


In a trendy urban neighborhood stands this gem of a store that can only be described as a techno collectors dream world. There is a reason this shop is frequented by DJs and dedicated vinyl aficionados. Through a back alley and up a few flights of graffiti covered stairs you will find the humble and welcoming Hard Wax Record Store.


If you follow your ears, you can hear the humming of synth heavy music as you approach. Hard Wax’s infamy lies in its crates of vinyl. An endless and perfectly categorized collection of sweet, sweet techno, reggae and much more.


Space Hall V2


After poking your head in Hard Wax take a walk to Space Hall. What is best described as three record stores in one, never upsets. An absolutely stunning collection of any genre you can imagine. It’s grungy interior and decorated walls make for a great record dig.


Rows of Technics turntables are scattered throughout the store for listening and it seems the store is always packed with people who care deeply about the vinyl format. An extremely knowledgeable staff makes for a good time whether you want to talk Led Zeppelin or perhaps Viryl’s own Dietrich Schoenemann ;).


Kampot, Cambodia



Seriously? You bet. In this case, it’s not about the record collection itself. It is about the fact that passionate vinyl record collectors have assembled a store in the tiny center of Kampot, Cambodia! After hearing about KAMA I had to find out more. My personal experience went something like this. I was first greeted by the store staff with an ice cold beer. That’s right, the store is built around a full service bar.


We talked records for a bit (expect a language barrier) and I then began to peruse the collection. I was amazed with some the content available. Some true gems! The owner was quite upset about the needle on her turntable breaking a few weeks back that indefinitely halted the store’s listening. I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that one shows up. A very quaint shop, in a beautiful city, that encompasses the power of vinyl records worldwide!


Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario may be famous for it’s steel industry but if you look hard enough you will find some of the best prices around for vinyl records.


Cheapies Records and Tapes

Hamilton has never had a filter. A city that has a rough side and isn’t afraid to show it. If you ever find yourself in the heart of “the Hammer” seek out Cheapies Records and Tapes! Opened in 1978 this staple is a great place to spend an afternoon of digging. Shopping for records has changed in modern record culture. Most record stores are very clean cut and trendy. If you want to transport back in time and don’t mind digging through some dust Cheapies is the real deal! Good deals in the heart of Hamilton.

New York City, New York

New York speaks for itself.

A-One Record shop


The classic NYC record shop. You can comfortably dig here for hours. A very popular location amongst the DJ and producer community. It is quite common to find one of your favorite musicians searching for some funky breakbeats to sample or a gem to add to their collection. When in the Big Apple, don’t miss this NYC staple.


Get out and dig! Let us know some of your favorite spots.