Why Buy the Warm Tone Record Press? - Viryl Technologies
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Why Buy the Warm Tone Record Press?

The Warm Tone record press is designed by individuals who understand the complex nature of record pressing. Viryl Technologies has examined the record pressing process, the best features of existing record pressing machinery, and the “pain points” of the current record pressing workflow. The collected data has allowed us to design a proven machine that is currently production tested on a daily basis at our pressing plant in Toronto, Canada. Our hands-on experience pressing records allows us to take a realistic and innovative approach to solving the record pressing bottleneck.


One of the key features of the Warm Tone is unattended operation. Automation in industrial equipment is standard procedure in 2016. What unattended operation affords your business is the ability to have one operator run up to four machines. Your operator can ensure quality control, the organization of future production runs, and much more while the Warm Tone is cycling. This feature saves your business approx. $28,000 a year (subject to employee pay) per press in labor costs when compared to manual clones and old technology. The fully-automatic mode is unmatched and offers pressing plants the opportunity for maximum profit. However, the Warm Tone is equipped with an easily-accessible semi-automatic mode for custom runs, picture discs, and more intricate details. The Warm Tone is designed for all scenarios in the marketplace of today.

The fully-automatic mode is unmatched and offers pressing plants the opportunity for maximum profit.

Our A.D.A.P.T. (Advanced Device Analytics Pressing Technology) Platform is like nothing ever seen in the record pressing industry. It allows for data collection of all key aspects of the pressing process. This information instills confidence that your machine is running at peak performance. Pressing plants can use A.D.A.P.T. to track machine uptime and throughput while also being aware of maintenance needs. With your permission, our service engineers can monitor your press activity and schedule on-site maintenance accordingly. The Warm Tone model targets 95% uptime. Viryl Technologies is committed to assuring that your machinery is manufacturing as many records as possible. That said, in the case of necessary service needs, our worldwide support is unmatched in this industry. Our partnership with AXYZ International allows us to leverage worldwide service staff in a location with the closest proximity to your plant. In a nutshell, this means we are comfortable performing on-site maintenance anywhere in the world aside from Antarctica! Our manufacturing unit has access to all Warm Tone “off the shelf” parts and our product includes a full one-year warranty on parts and services.

Through targeting many of the workflow issues caused by old technology our engineers we’re able to simplify the process. Innovations such as quick load stampers, remove-able and bake-able label cartridges, our custom extrusion screw, and high performance trimmer and stacker system make the Warm Tone the most advanced record press around. Our quick load stampers make switching out stampers in between runs easy as pie. A simple locking mechanism holds stampers in place and eliminates any archaic switching techniques used on old machinery. Our remove-able and bake-able label cartridges allow operators to prepare for future runs while the Warm Tone is in production. Our label cartridges are oven-safe and keyed to fit only the A-side or B-side to avoid misprinted records. Our custom extrusion screw has been designed by Viryl engineers and is engineered specifically for record grade PVC compound. As with everything we do, it has been tested extensively on site at our pressing plant in Toronto, Canada. We have conducted tests using every PVC manufacturer in the world to ensure our screw’s reliability in the field. Our feed screw ensures you get the perfect record “puck” every time. One of our greatest innovations is our trimmer and stacker system. Our remove-able stack spindles stack the finished product in groups of five records between aluminum plates. Operators can remove the finished product off of the spindle as needed while the machine continues to cycle due to our dual spindle system. This allows for production to continue while finished product is taken to the packing tables.

As with everything we do, it has been tested extensively on site at our pressing plant in Toronto, Canada.


As mentioned previously, Viryl Technologies has taken an approach that no other competitor has utilized in bringing new capacity to the record pressing world. We have created a pressing plant at our site in Toronto, Canada. There is no more “tried and true” process than our method of testing the Warm Tone in a production setting. We are confident demonstrating our product to prospective clients in a real-world manufacturing setting. We encourage all prospective clients to book a viewing at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Our first-hand experience, and high-level knowledge of the vinyl record pressing process including extrusion and thermodynamics, ensure that our team is the most capable in the market today. When you purchase a Warm Tone record press you get more than just machinery. You tap into years of record pressing experience, made available through our consulting program, unmatched service, made available through our worldwide support, and hands-free maintenance of your machine, made available through the constant monitoring of our A.D.A.P.T. Platform. Our model encourages uptime, simplicity, and profit through eliminating head-aches and antiquated technology.